What is BETCORE?


The Jacktime BETCORE system is an innovative risk and trading solution for bookmakers that allows them to expand their product portfolio with new and innovative betting and Cash Out products.


Developed as a distributed software system, Jacktime BETCORE is designed to run on a bookmaker’s existing infrastructure and to be compatible with any existing sportsbook. It has been designed for maximal transparency and minimal integration effort at the bookmaker’s site.


The Jacktime BETCORE application provides highly performant message-based interfaces so communication with the new software elements does not depend on specific programming languages or backend / server-systems.

BETCORE  I  Boost your sportsbook



JACKTIME S.à.r.l. develops, designs and sells advanced software technologies, products and services to the international betting industry. Our special focus lies on in-running and real-time critical software solutions ensuing in new entertaining betting products with a high stickiness factor.


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